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Midwest Country Connection Dance Club

A social and teaching dance club for a variety of country dances

Thank you for your interest in country dance!!!

New members can join at any time. The club offers instruction for couples and solo dancing. The couples dances taught at the club are Two Step, East Coast Swing, Triple Step, Hustle, Waltz, West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 Step, and Cha Cha. Beginner classes are from each Sunday in the eight dances noted (on a rotating basis). Intermediate/Advanced class in each of the above dances (also on a rotating basis) is offered each Sunday. Line dances and partner pattern dances are offered on a periodic basis. For a more detailed description of the lesson format, please refer to INSTRUCTION FORMAT.

Here's a link to the SYLLABUS for each of the 8 dances, as used by the instructors on most every class. You may refer to it for pattern names taught in the classes. It is helpful to know patterns as you progress in your dancing endeavors.

Attending couples classes with a partner is encouraged but NOT required for participation.

The eight dances noted above are the most commonly danced couple dances in this area and comprise our core curriculum. Introduction to each dance will be taught in the Beginner section. Intermediate classes will provide additional instruction for all eight dance styles once the basics portion has been completed.

All dance instruction is provided by member volunteers. Some of the instructors are members of the NTA (National Teachers Association for Country/Western Dance), an international organization of teachers helping teachers.

Our hope is that you will continue attending classes after you finish basics. MWCCDC belongs to its members and is operated entirely by volunteers.

Along with instruction, club members also lead an active social dance life. The club hosts regularly scheduled Open Dances and Potluck Dinner/Open Dances nights, a summer picnic, the ever-popular and well-attended Christmas Dinner/Dance and occasional New Years Eve dances for the enjoyment of its members, and other activities as the membership desires and supports. Members also routinely participate in club nights out at various locations around the area, some of which you'll find HERE. And HERE is our current Newsletter/Session Schedule.

It is our sincere wish that you would become a regularly attending member and help us spread the joy of the fun and healthy activity of COUNTRY/WESTERN AND SOCIAL DANCING!

New Member Information

Club Membership

•   There is a one-time fee of $30 per person for lifetime membership, paid on the date of joining.

•   There is a weekly fee of $3.00 for each night of classes following the join date.

•   New members can join at any time.

Basics: Country Western Couples Basics Class

•  In the basics program you will have the opportunity to learn all of the dances noted above or pick and choose the ones you want.

•  Beginning instruction includes footwork, timing, dance frame, and connection in the primary school figures for each dance.

Line/Pattern Dance Class

•  A variety of dances will be taught, reflecting those seen performed at country dance venues around the area, state and country. Examples include but certainly are not limited to Electric Slide, Ten Step, Tush Push, Schottische, Stationary Cha Cha, and Swamp Thang. Our instructors strive constantly to stay updated with currently popular line dances and partner pattern dances.

Intermediate Couples Class

•  School figures and variations will be offered in all 8 couples dances noted above.

•  Instructors request that dancers will have completed the basic instruction in each of the dances before progressing to intermediate instruction. Basics steps and turns will not be repeated in this class.


All functions of the club (unless notified otherwise) are currently held at the Sunrise Optimist Club building, 2410 Parker St., Columbia MO. (MAP)

For more information here please Contact Us